Monday, September 22, 2008

Goals from first class

Core objectives for God Session I

•Putting God first in every area of our lives
•We are all “Parents in Training” for our entire lives, even as Grandparents
•Must be an example of living the faith
•Must live the 10 Commandments
•Attend mass weekly
•Pray often and more
•Surrender to God’s plan for us
•We are the guardian’s and protectors of our family’s “Domestic Church”

Core objectives for Vocation Session I

•Marriage must be 1st priority in home after God
•Single parents spousal relationship must be #1
•Marriage must be cared for and protected
•Marriage should be a model of perfect Love
•Couple prayer
•Each child is a specifically chosen gift from God. No accident
•Specific role of parent is to help child know God
•Parenting our children is a means to Sanctification
•Each child has a unique and unrepeatable soul
•Role of Father extremely important to child's understanding of God
•Single parents children need strong male role models of the faith
•Obedience first virtue to teach